People Helping People

ASK supports the following organizations also doing great work in Africa – together we can make a difference.

































AMREF | African Medical and Research Foundation

AMREF is an international African organization whose vision is to create a lasting health change in Africa: communities with the knowledge, skills and means to maintain their good health and break the cycle of poor health and poverty.

African People & Wildlife Fund

The African People & Wildlife Fund (APW) works to conserve Africa’s wildlife, protect their natural habitats, and to promote village development through innovative, multidisciplinary strategies that emphasize coexistence with the natural world.

Amboseli Trust For Elephants

The Amboseli Trust for Elephants aims to ensure the long-term conservation and welfare of Africa’s elephants in the context of human needs and pressures through scientific research, training, community outreach, public awareness and advocacy.

BEADS for Education

The mission of BEADS for Education is to improve the status of women in Kenya, Africa, through girls’ education and women’s business development.

Beads of Esiteti

Beads of Esiteti is a fair-trade social business dedicated to empowering the Maasai community of Esiteti/Embarinkoi through the selling of their traditional beadwork.Beads of Esiteti generates an income for over 275 Maasai women, creating the means for them to care for themselves, their families and their community while creating educational opportunities for their children and future generations.

Big Life Foundation

Big Life Foundation seeks to conserve and sustain the wildlife and the wild lands of the Amboseli-Tsavo ecosystem of East Africa through innovative conservation strategies that address the greatest threats while – at the same time – satisfying the economic interests of the resident Maasai people in ways that improve the quality of life for the entire community.

Cheli & Peacock Community Trust

The Trust focuses on educating the next generation of Kenyan conservationists in partnership with Wildlife Clubs of Kenya and encouraging wildlife protection on locally owned lands by working with rural communities to identify and support their education & development needs.

C&P Community Trust works in conjunction with ASK overseeing the management of all tuition money to 22 secondary schools for over 120 sponsored students from Esiteti School, insuring transparency and accountability. They also work hand in hand with Kenya Wildlife Trust on the infrastructure of the school grounds, including 3 additional classrooms, and currently the management of a 12 room teacher facility.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa’s Wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as elephants and Black Rhino.

Days for Girls

Days for Girls is providing us with Feminine Hygiene Kits for each female graduating from the Alternative Rite of Passage ceremony starting with the May 1 & 2, 2015 ARP ceremony. They have promised to continue providing us with these kits for every three ceremonies a year we offer. Community Church Unitarian Universalist and DfG New Orleans are providing the seamstresses for the kits.

Direct Relief International

Direct Relief is a non-profit, non-partisan organization that provides medical assistance to people around the world who have been affected by poverty, natural disasters, and civil unrest. Each year, Direct Relief takes steps to leverage every dollar of assistance that it provides into $30 (wholesale) worth of medical supplies for healthcare professionals to use in caring for their patients.

ERB Jewelry

Erin Balint of ERB Jewelry, donated a large percentage of her April 2013 jewelry sale proceeds to ASK’s  42-day social media campaign. Thanks to people like Ein and ERB Jewelry, this campaign raised $20,000+ for the Alternative Rite of Passage Program benefitting the girls and women of Esiteti.

Kakenya’s Dream

Kakenya Center for Excellence (KCE) is a non-profit organization focused on serving the most vulnerable and underprivileged girls in Kenya. Founded by Kakenya Ntaiya in 2008, the organization has built the first primary school for girls in Enoosaen, Kenya that focuses on academic excellence, female empowerment, leadership, and community development.

Kenya Wildlife Trust

Supporting and funding projects and people that will contribute significantly to the
conservation of Kenya’s natural heritage for the benefit of future generations.

Land & Life Foundation

The mission of the Land & Life Foundation is to support and design effective conservation education programs, community outreach and conservation initiatives for communities living alongside wildlife, across Kenya and Tanzania. The Foundation is funding infrastructural developments at Esiteti Primary School which include more classrooms and a boys dorm. They are working on an innovative outdoor classroom sustainable agriculture project there as well.

Light of Maasai

The aims of Light of Maasai are to tackle issues such as Education, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) / Early marriage, Water, Health Care and Feeding Programs.

March to the Top

The goal of the March to the Top foundation is to help underprivileged people of Africa by providing support in health care, education and conservation.

Santa Barbara Foundation

The Santa Barbara Foundation is a community foundation established in 1928 to enrich the lives of the people of Santa Barbara County through philanthropy. Since their inception, the Santa Barbara Foundation has partnered with local nonprofits to provide a vast array of services throughout Santa Barbara County. The foundation seeks to fund a diverse group of nonprofits to help bring about the vision of making Santa Barbara County a more vibrant community.

Tortilis Camp

Tortilis Camp is named after the flat-topped, umbrella thorn tree, the Acacia Tortilis. Travel & Leisure magazine rated Tortilis Camp as one of the top 100 resorts to stay at in the world. Situated outside Amboseli National Reserve, best known for its unrivalled views of Kilimanjaro and the local elephant population.

Tortilis Camp has a strong conservation and social responsibility program working closely with the Esiteti community. The managers and staff at Tortilis Camp are familiar with the work of ASK and we consider the camp our home away from home!

Unite to Light

Unite to Light is a not for profit corporation dedicated to providing low cost lighting to those without electricity, and eliminating the health and environmental issues associated with existing light sources used by this population, such as kerosene. Read more

Vitamin Angels

Thanks to Vitamin Angel headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, Vit. A is being administered to all children from birth to five years old in the Esiteti community. World Health Organization’s research shows by giving Vit. A to children from birth to five years, every six months, it will boost their immune systems and prevent almost all early childhood diseases.


Worldreader is a US and European non-profit whose mission is to make digital books available to children and their families in the developing world, so millions of people can improve their lives. As of May 2013, over 609,000 e-books have been put into the hands of 4,300 children in sub-Saharan Africa. Those children now read more, read better, and are improving their communities.