ARP Peer to Peer Youth Project

arp-peer-leadersCelebrating Esiteti School’s 10th ARP ceremony, over 200 ARP graduates are now attending high school while safe guarding them from early marriage! The primary focus is to expand the ARP model beyond the Esiteti borders. The strategy is to identify and train appointed leaders from Esiteti to conduct rallies, events, seminars and discussions at the grassroots level— promoting girls’ education and the ARP model.

Kakenya’s Centre for Excellence invited several of our ARP graduates to attend a weeklong Leadership Training course each year. This leadership coursework will officially launch the ARP expansion. These chosen Youth Leaders will have their own businesses soon, overseeing and leading peer-to-peer Youth Discussion Groups following the ARP curriculum.

Under the auspice of ASK, Nelly, Joyce, Margaret and Elizabeth are in charge of the ARP Peer-to-Peer Youth program and will be in charge of the ARP program at Esiteti School starting 2018.

ARP Expansion Into Kajiado County

Men, women and trained ARP Youth Leaders will help propel the ARP movement forward into neighboring communities. Our partner Direct Relief has helped identify those communities with the aid of their cool GIS software.